How cities will respond to the new challenges as climate change and ecological crisis, global migration and rising inequality, vulnerable infrastructures and food security? Which new instruments and technologies should be applied to deal with those challenges? Which specialist should gather to develop the solutions for such complex challenges?

Shukhov Lab is a multidisciplinary research, project and educational division of the HSE University that deals with complex challenges of urban development on different levels. We make research, projects and education that aim to transform the approaches to urban planning and urban development, using modern technologies.

We are community of people who create and test ideas and prototypes that will change the urban environments for a better place of living both for humans and non-humans.

Green Building, Elena Mitrofanova
Green Building, Elena Mitrofanova



Master’s Programme 'Prototyping Future Cities'

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Vicente Guallart, founder
Ekaterina Zarudnaya, leading expert
Anton Artemchuk, leading expert
Valeriya Kiseleva, PR manager
Daria Bychkova
Andrey Elbaev
Maria Kuptsova
Elena Mitrofanova
Ivan Mitrofanov
Vadim Smakhtin
Paulina Smykouskaya
Beno Juarez

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